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Family gift funding

Everyone has a budget for family gifts, even though we do often get carried away. Presents are getting bigger and more expensive every year so, rather than asking family members for a gift that will blow their budgets, we think family funding is a great compromise (think of it as crowd funding amongst your family members!)

Items such as trampolines and climbing frames are an investment that will be used all year round and for many years to come. It is worth asking for contributions to enable you to buy a great quality garden toy that will encourage your child to spend more time outside rather than indoors watching a screen.

We know of families with a £70 budget from grandparents - they give £60 for the group present and then use the other £10 for a toy for the child to unwrap on the day. Everyone gets satisfaction from this plan and it also means that your house doesn’t get overloaded with loads of new toys that are rarely played with.

The only question now is how to build, hide and wrap a climbing frame or trampoline for them to unwrap on Christmas day? For a climbing frame, we would suggest either wrapping up a photo of it saying it will be built ASAP or wrap up just the swing seat and put it under the tree. For a trampoline, you could assemble it on Christmas Eve to give the kids a big surprise on Christmas morning (watch out for local wildlife or even Buster the Boxer testing it out though!)
Does your family do something similar? What big items have you saved for?