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Five Fantastic Outdoor Equipment Ideas for your Pre-schooler

Hooray! It’s finally March. Winter’s on the run and St Patrick’s Day, Easter and lest we forget, Mothering Sunday will soon be here and gone. With a hint of Spring in the air you may now be turning your attention to the great outdoors and looking for ideas to tempt your pre-schooler out of hibernation, away from the screens and outside for some active play. We totally agree! The benefits are well documented with the NHS advising a child under 5 years old should have at least 3 hours of exercise a day, including running, jumping and climbing.

So why not make the most of the space in your own garden to encourage this essential and fun play for your pre-schooler? After all, there is something special about being outside in your garden away from the distractions of the indoors. With this in mind, here are our top five outdoor equipment ideas, which will keep any little one happily playing and soaking up that all important vitamin D!

1. TP Forest Cottage with wavy slide
A playhouse is the perfect setting for
imaginative play. Your child can truly make the cottage their own by adding decorations, a window box or even a flag! This compact raised wooden playhouse comes with an integral shaded sandpit and super fun slide; what more could you want in a home?

2. Jumpking Oval JumpPod 8ft x11.5ft
A trampoline had to be on our list! They continue to be a firm family favourite for all weather. It’s easy to see why; what a fun way to get some cardio-vascular exercise in a safe environment! We love how this oval style of trampoline is ideal for narrow gardens, without losing out on jumping space!

What pre-schooler doesn’t love a sandpit? This solid and safe design has a handy folding cover that turns into two bench seats. Pass them a bucket and spade and let their imagination run wild!

4. Langley Play Fort
This sturdy and spacious fort is just like a treehouse but without the tree! It is made from top quality pressure-treated timber and comes with a 10 year warranty. There are many accessories that can be added to suit your child’s age and abilities. They’ll be hosting teddy bear tea parties, being pirates or having ‘secret’ clubhouse meetings for many years to come!

5. TP Forest double Multiplay
This great value wooden set has space for 2 swings, a ladder, platform and slide at one end. This gives activities to entertain at least 3 children together! Great for play dates. You can again tailor this for younger users by purchasing alternative swing seats, please see our website for the options, or give us a call on 01635 248683.  

Finally, our children learn from their biggest role models, us! So get out there and embrace all that is wonderful about March, Enjoy!