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Garden swings offer more than just lots of fun

There aren’t many children who don’t like swinging on a garden swing. There also aren’t many adults who don’t enjoy re-living their childhood on a swing seat. It’s fun whatever age you are, but swinging offers more than just good, old-fashioned fun. Studies have shown there are some significant emotional, physical and social benefits to swinging on a garden swing.
Whilst playing on a garden swing frame is well-known to help release children’s excess energy, it is perhaps less well known that swinging actually has a direct effect on how children sleep. Studies have shown that the spinning motion produced
by regular swinging helps to balance neurological activity in the brain which, in turn, helps children sleep well. Their sleeping patterns are much more regular as the back and forth swinging motion helps to settle brain activity and makes it easier for them to drift off into a restful deep sleep.
So, garden swings are great fun and also help settle children’s brain activity. But the benefits of swinging go further still. It is a superb form of exercise which brings the obvious health benefits with it. A little known fact is that for every hour of swinging you will burn up to 200 calories! It is a great non-impact method of conditioning the muscles, ligaments, joints and tendons which all helps to lose weight and gain strength. Just the simple act of swinging - pulling back and pushing forward with the legs works the quadriceps and hamstrings. It also builds endurance in the knees and hips, while keeping your balance with your arms works the abdominal muscles, shoulders, upper back and neck.
Finally, as with all communal outdoor play, swinging can be very beneficial for developing children’s social skills as well. Whether it is the simple case of taking turns on the swing and pushing your friends or working together on a 2-seater swing seat or trying to swing together in perfect timing. Social interaction can form a large part of the play experience on a swing frame.

So, swinging on a garden swing frame is certainly fun whatever age you are but it also has some serious emotional, physical and social benefits which, when combined with the fun factor, make swinging on a swing frame something we should all do more often!

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