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The summer has been and gone and now we are fully in the swing of Autumn. Fret not!

Crunchy leaves and chilly mornings doesn’t mean you need to hibernate until spring (we’ll leave that to the bears!)

Your climbing frame and garden toys can be put to good use and ‘multi task’- I know we’re all a fan of that buzzword in our household!

We have come up with creating a spooky den for a Halloween treat. Whether you decorate your climbing frame for role play, kids’ tea or a party, we have put together some top tips to create the perfect spooky den.


First of all, we used an old trampoline net (we have a few lying around at Active Toy HQ) to surround the underneath area of our climbing frame. This created a cosy, dark, snuggly den. You could always use old sheets or blankets. We then hung some Halloween lanterns and paper ghosts to make it feel ghoulishly ghostly.

Secondly, we put some picnic rugs on the floor to prevent soggy and cold bottoms!

Next, we gathered ALL of the Halloween props we could muster. This included anything in orange and black too to create a Halloween theme. Pumpkins, cobwebs, spooky sweets… You could hang some fairy lights in a safe place, to add extra wow factor too.

The children got dressed up and of course, we gave them a few sweeties (did you know that M&S do Halloween percy pigs?)

The bonus at the end of the night? No mess in the house and the children have asked to keep the den up for a bit longer!

Have you got anything planned for Halloween? We’d love you to share any photos of your spooky climbing frame den.