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Little Tikes: from Factory to Front Door

We have just received another container load of Little Tikes Toys in to our warehouse so we now have good stock of most the toy products ready for dispatch direct to you, wherever you are in the UK

Little Tikes toys are not manufactured in China. We receive regular deliveries of Little Tikes toys in 45' shipping containers which come direct from the factory in Poland. We thought it would be interesting to give you a quick summary of the journey that your toys have been on to get to your door and ready for playtime.


The Little Tikes Journey From Factory To Active Toy


Step 1


They are loaded at the Little Tikes factory into large steel containers and taken by road to a port in Poland where they are loaded onto a large container ship and sailed to the UK ready for the next leg of their journey.




Step 2


Once the ship has docked the containers are lifted off with a large crane and attached to a lorry which then drives the toys to our warehouse.


Step 3


Once they arrive at our warehouse, we then unload all the Little Tikes toys by hand and store them away safely until each product is ready for it's next journey...



Step 4


... to your house either in a car or one of our vans or by courier!



So, there it is - when your Little Tikes toys arrive at your door you will know where they have come from - quite nice to know when the news is full of mysterious tales of the contents of our processed foods!


As we receive regular container deliveries, we manage to maintain good stock levels throughout most of the year. Unlike many of our competitors, we prefer to hold the stock in our warehouse so we can offer a fast and reliable delivery service rather than rely on the Little Tikes home delivery service. which, can be a bit hit and miss with regular delays, damages and delivery problems. 

When you order from us you can be sure that you will get the goods when you want them and without unexpected problems.

However, if the product you are after is out of stock, our website will tell you how long to wait until it is back in stock. You can then pre-order and reserve your product and we will send it straight to you when it is in stock. Also, if there is a particular Little Tikes toy you are after and can't see it on our website contact us and we will do our best to get one for you!

For more information click here to go to our website where you can view our full range of playhouses,  swings, climbing frames, trampolines, sandpits, slides and much more…!

Or if you prefer to speak to a real person call us on 01635 248683 today!