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Recipe for a Trampoline Sleepover


Trampoline (We sell a great range here)





Bean bags

Sleeping bags




4 or so willing children!



1.      Clear your trampoline of debris that has gathered over the summer. You’re after a clean, smooth area to sleep on.  A small brush and damp cloth should do the trick!

2.      Gather various bits of bedding from around the house. We chose picnic rugs as a base, then added duvets, blankets and finally sleeping bags. Pillows and bean bags are optional.

3.      Ask your children to ‘invite’ any teddies that they want to be part of the sleepover. We suggest the soft and squishier, the better.

4.      Mummies and Daddies, it’s your turn now. Make up some popcorn and snacks that are trampoline friendly. We concluded that popcorn likes jumping around so wouldn’t mind if it got bounced around the trampoline too much!

5.      Make a delicious mug of hot chocolate with marshmallows as an added extra. They didn’t actually drink this on the trampoline for obvious reasons, but it was a real treat at bedtime!

6.      Snuggle them in their new ‘bedroom’ for the night with a book or two…

7.      Watch the stars… and drift off to sleep.

8.      (Or bounce around until everything is jumbled up, have a pillow fight and stay up as late as you can!)



4 extremely happy children creating happy memories and one well-used trampoline.

(And maybe early to bed the following night!)


Have you or your family tried something similar? Feel free to share any good sleepover tips!