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The build it or buy it battle

When it comes to climbing frames and discussing buying one, we’ve all had that conversation at home:


Me: “Look at this fabulous climbing frame for the children, I think we should get one for the garden.”

Husband: “How much? I can build one of those, I just need some timber and a bit of time!”

Me: “Erm... When, how, WHY?”
(One year later the log pile at the back of the garden starts to grow moss on it and I am left wondering if it will ever get off the ground!)


Those few words fill us with anticipation (or is it just me?!).
It is with the best intention of course but the reality of an impending ‘self build’ starts gathering pace.
How? Who with? With what? WHEN?!
The list goes on and I point out that I’d like to have it finished before the children leave home...

I understand the Robinson Crusoe ideal of it all, the hunter gatherer instinct of finding the wood, designing the structure and physically putting it together all sounds wonderful in theory. Then my sensible side kicks in and I start to think about safety, longevity and knowledge.


The Active Toy Company has over 25 years of experience in sourcing and selecting the right types of wood and building safe and fun-filled play structures. Our climbing frames are tried and tested and will provide years of safe fun for your children, as well as peace of mind for their parents.


We offer a bespoke design service which allows you to get exactly what you want and make the most of your garden. You can see our extensive range of climbing frames here - there is something for everyone! We also offer an efficient and convenient installation service and all of our climbing frames come with comprehensive guarantees.

Take the pressure off the build and leave it to us!