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Time to banish the winter blues

Winter can be cold, damp and generally miserable with not wanting to do much but hibernate and wait for spring to arrive.
We think that it’s a perfect time to get organised, get ahead and show it just what you are capable of!
The beginning of the year is a great time to get planning for the months ahead. Whether you have moved house recently or are planning on rejuvenating your garden for the summer months, now is the time to get some ideas together.
Our bespoke design and build wooden climbing frames give you the chance to have exactly what you want in your domestic play area. Whether you have a specific plan in mind or need some ideas for a certain space in your garden, we can come up with some exciting and attractive bespoke climbing frame proposals which will be tailor made to your requirements. Combining plenty of activity and play with an attractive and durable play structure is what we do best! 


Get planting! When you are certain the frosty mornings are no more, spend an afternoon with the kids planning where your plants will go. This is a great way for everyone to invest in the garden and make the play space fun. 

If you’re planning for a trampoline, consider whether it would be best for your garden to have an in-ground trampoline. The beauty of the Berg InGround trampolines is that you get all the benefits of a sunken trampoline - safety, aesthetics and easy access - without all the cost and inconvenience of a complete sunken trampoline installation.

Finally, children just LOVE being outside as long as they are warm! Make a den, build a bug hotel ready for spring, make an obstacle course or put up a bird box. Birds love fat cakes and at this time of year they're just what they need to give them energy and keep warm.

Don’t forget the best bit after playing outside is warming up afterwards with a hot chocolate and a cosy jumper!