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Trampoline Buying Guide: Part 1 – Size

Which Size Trampoline is The Best for You?
Trampolines are now one of the most popular outdoor garden toys, providing lots of fun and great exercise to both children and adults! So when it comes to buying one it is important to get the right trampoline for you and your family. There are lots of different sizes (small to extra large), shapes (round or oval) and brands (TP and Jumpking) of trampolines on the market, so to help you, we have put together some useful advice on choosing the most suitable trampoline for your needs.

Jumpking Ovalpod 10 x 15ft

The 4 main areas to look for when buying your trampoline:

• Size
• Shape
• Above or in-ground
• Manufacturer
We have put together a series of blogs looking at each of these areas independently, to give you a comprehensive guide for buying the right trampoline.

Part One: Choosing The Right Size Trampoline

Below we have provided a trampoline size guide based on the TP trampoline brand, which gives you an idea of the kind of size you could accommodate in your garden or would need for your family.
TP trampoline size guide

Trampolines are available in many different sizes to suit all kinds of garden sizes and budgets. From the smallest exercise trampoline to the medium size 8ft and 10ft round trampolines up to the biggest 14ft round trampolines, so there is definitely something to suit everyone.

Some oval and rectangular trampolines go even bigger – one of the largest Oval trampolines on the market is the Jumpking Ovalpod 14ft x 17ft and some of the competition grade rectangular trampolines measure approx. 10ft x 17ft.

As mentioned above the main factors influencing your choice of trampoline size will probably be budget and space in the garden, but another thing to consider is who and how is the trampoline is going to be used?
Trampolines for Young Children
If you are buying for the younger age groups of 3-8yrs then some of the smaller trampolines (TP 8ft and 10ft round or Jumpking Ovalpod 8ft x 11.5ft) will probably be what you are after, but we always advise to buy for the future.
TP Genius 10ft Trampoline
Buying a good quality trampoline will last long past the 2-3 year lifespan of their cheaper counterparts. It is worth buying a size that will cater for your children as they grow, this may involve buying a trampoline that feels or looks a bit big to start with but in a few years’ time it will still be going strong and meeting the needs of your growing family. The alternative is getting a cheaper, smaller one now and then having to replace it in 2-3 years’ time, which in many cases is not the most cost efficient plan as you will incur costs of buying and installing a new trampoline but also dismantling and discarding of the old one.
Trampolines for Older Children & Adults
For the older age groups of 8-12yrs and beyond we would always advise the purchase of one of the bigger trampolines (TP 12ft or 14ft round, Jumpking 10ft x 15ft/14ft x 17ft Oval).
Jumpking Ovalpod 14 x 17ft

They will not only keep the kids entertained for years to come but they are big enough to cope with the more active and perhaps boisterous older children. Although all manufacturers recommend that only one person uses a trampoline at a time (and we would also advise the same wherever possible), it is inevitable that there will be times when more than one person is bouncing at the same time and they will probably tell you that that’s when it is the most fun!
If this is the case, make sure you buy a trampoline big enough to cater for these situations too. Also, you will need to take into consideration the bigger the trampoline the higher the weight limit so if more than one child is likely to use it at one time you must consider the combined weight of the users when looking at each trampoline’s weight limit (most of the larger trampolines can take a combined weight of 25 – 30 stone).

So, in summary, buy as big as you garden and budget will allow bearing in mind who is going to be using it; and don’t forget that the parents will, more often than not, end up having a bounce at some point too!

If you are considering purchasing a trampoline, make sure to read the next part of our Buying Guide here, which goes into further detail on the pros, and cons of each trampoline shape.

You can browse our range of TP and Jumpking trampolines here, and for more information and advice on buying a trampoline feel free to call The Active Toy Company on 01635 248683 or email us here.