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Trampoline Buying Guide: Part 2 – Shape

Which Shape Trampoline Is The Best For You – Oval, Round or Rectangular?

Part 2 of the Active Toy Company Trampoline Buying Guide looks at the pro's and con's of the different shapes of trampoline. In part 1 of the buying guide we looked at the different sizes of trampoline and now we look into the advantages and disadvantages of the different trampoline shapes so you can choose the right trampoline that will suit your needs the best.

What Shapes Do Trampolines Come In?

As stated in the first part of the guide, trampoline shape needs to be considered when buying a trampoline with the 3 main options being round, oval or rectangular.

This guide looks deeper at the pros and cons of each shape and how they may suit different families and their needs.

Trampoline Shapes: Why Choose A Rectangular Trampoline?

Rectangular Trampoline

Trampolines were first designed as training aids for Astronauts in the 1930’s. At this time they were rectangular in shape and, as the popularity of trampolining grew and they were produced commercially, they were all rectangular. The rectangular shape proved to be very successful at producing a good consistent bounce when the user landed in the very central ‘sweet spot’, but when they landed anywhere near the edges the bounce was very inconsistent.

Rectangular trampolines have been significantly improved and developed since then, and these days they are mainly used for competitive trampolining while round or oval trampolines dominate the domestic trampoline market.

If you are looking for a trampoline for training purposes, instead of going to your local gym, then a rectangular trampoline could be the right choice for you.

Trampoline Shapes: Why Choose A Round Trampoline?
Round trampoline from TP trampolines

Round trampolines have been the most popular shape for domestic use for many years and is the shape that most people will associate with trampolines. They are ideal for use by a single bouncer as the best bounce is in the middle where all of the springs can work evenly to produce a consistent and powerful bounce. For single use it is also very safe as the nature of the bounce ensures that bouncers get pulled back into the middle if they happen to stray off the middle at any point.

However, this same benefit can turn into a disadvantage if, as is inevitable but not recommended, more than one person uses the trampoline at the same time. The pull of the bounce into the middle of the trampoline can result in collisions if the bouncers do not take it into account. This effect can be exaggerated if the bouncers are different weights.

However, used sensibly, round trampolines are still an excellent choice and some would say they are more aesthetically pleasing than the rectangular trampolines.

If round is the best choice for you, take a look at our range of round trampolines here.

Trampoline Shapes: Why Choose An Oval Trampoline?
Jumpking Ovalpod trampoline

Oval-shaped trampolines have made a big impression over the last 5-10 years since they became mainstream.

These trampolines are a hybrid of the rectangular and round trampolines. The oval trampoline has two main advantages.

Firstly, rather than having the ‘pull into the middle’ effect of a round trampoline it has two distinct bouncing areas (one at each end) which don’t really interfere with each other. This means that should more than one person be bouncing at the same time there is much less chance of them bouncing into each other, and if they do stray towards the edge the circular nature of the springs at each end will bounce them back into their bouncing zone.

The second benefit of the oval trampoline is the fact that it will fit into the corner of a garden without seeming intrusive or wasting lots of space around it as a round trampoline can do. Basically, you get a big bouncing area that looks much smaller than it actually is!

If an oval trampoline is the right choice for you, you can view our range of Jumpking Ovalpad trampolines here.

So, the choice of shape is down to three – rectangular, round or oval – but really, in the domestic market we would advise round or oval.

From our experience, the oval trampolines are the most popular and judging by the children trying out our display models it is clear to see that the benefits of the oval shape do actually work!

If you have any questions about buying a trampoline, or would like to Try before you Buy, Call the Active Toy Company on 01635 248683 or click here to email us.