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Trampolining – healthy and fun for the whole family!

The garden trampoline market has grown massively over the last 10 years or so as more and more families realise that trampolining is a fun and safe activity which is great exercise and can be enjoyed by the whole family in their own back garden. You only have to travel by train past a run of gardens and you will notice how popular they have become with what seems like almost every garden having a trampoline of some description. 

Bouncing on a TP trampoline
There are several explanations for this market growth; firstly, trampolines offer great health benefits combined with being fun! According to one parenting website, there are 6 main health benefits of trampolining.

1.       Outdoor funbetter than hours spent on the X-Box or in front of the TV. Get rid of that energy in the fresh air and maybe even soak up some vitamin D from the sun!

2.       Co-ordinationrecognised as a great way to improve co-ordination, a crucial skill to help further development in other areas of life.

3.       Confidencea great form of exercise disguised as fun! Can build confidence and motivate children into other forms of exercise.

4.       Balanceunderstanding the implications of different types of bouncing will help children develop balance and strength.

5.       Detoxifying - internal organs are stimulated and immune system strengthened in response to the G force exerted during bouncing. Toxins are pushed out and nutrients are moved into cells during the weightless period, making trampolining a cellular exercise!

6.       Increased bone density – bones respond to light physical stress of regular exercise, much like muscles.

As well as the health benefits they offer, the popularity of trampolines can partly be put down to the fact they are fairly compact and so easily fit in to most back gardens. As developers try to squeeze in as many houses as possible on a building site, it is the size of garden that seems to suffer but with round trampolines ranging in size from 8ft diameter up to 14ft, there will definitely be a trampoline out there for your garden. More recently, sales of oval-shaped trampolines have soared as they offer all the benefits of round trampolines but can fit nicely into a modern garden without being too intrusive. 
Bouncing on a Jumpking trampoline

Furthermore, the much improved safety features of modern trampolines give parents the peace of mind they need that their children will enjoy trampolining with a far smaller risk of injury than in the early days of the trampoline when there were no safety pads over the springs and certainly no enclosure netting to keep the children in the bouncing zone. All of the trampolines we currently sell come complete with a safety enclosure and various new safety features which all help make it as safe as possible. Beware of cheap trampolines which do not offer the same protection or durability and can result in more accidents and a replacement trampoline being purchased. It really is a case of you get what you pay for!
TP Genius Round Trampoline

So, trampolines are healthy, fun, safe and fit nicely in to most gardens – every garden should have one!

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